Areas of Practice

Contract Law

Division specializes in contractual operations. Our principal objective is to give our clients the security and confidence that their matters and business will be reviewed in a timely, professional, and orderly manner by expert attorneys who understand the various way to operate in Mexico and who will present a tailored strategy for any of your commercial operations. We will strive to structure a contract in the best way possible to ensure the proper defense of your interests.

With respect to franchises, we develop a legal package that integrates this successful business model. The franchise contract is the key element of this system, and thus requires preparation by an expert. Our specialized attorneys serve as part of the external legal staff for many franchises, and are in charge of presenting the legal model to investors and negotiating the entire system, including follow-up on the timely fulfillment of obligations, obtaining of bonds, application of sanctions, etc.

The Contracts Area carries out the following activities:

  • Advising regarding contract law.
  • Preparation of all manner of contracts and agreements (civil, commercial, banking, etc.).
  • Development of draft agreements, letters of intent, and proposed contracts.
  • Preparation of high-risk contracts.
  • Preparation of atypical contracts.
  • Administration of contracts and legal documents in general.
  • Preparation of all manner of legal opinions regarding contractual operations.
  • Legal auditing of contract operations.
  • Legal development of purchase orders.
  • Preparation of terms and conditions for the purchase and sale of products and services.
  •  Drafting of internal policies, regulations, and workplace codes.
  •  Development of confidentiality agreements and privacy notices.
  •  Drafting of notification letters.

Areas of Practice