Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law

Over 50% of Mexican territory is held by agrarian communes (ejidos), with the remainder being private property. For this reason it is highly important to research the legal status of a property subject to a purchase or sale operation.

Our goal is to ensure that you, as buyer or seller, have the greatest legal certainty possible before, during, and after the purchase or sale operation.

Our attorneys are highly specialized to perform the preparatory work for the legal conversion of the property the client wishes to acquire.

The Real Estate Law Area carries out the following activities:

  • Legal counsel on the acquisition of all manner of real property located within restricted zones (coastal and border zones).
  • Development of all manner of trusts for acquiring all types of real property.
  • Researching the legal status of properties through the National Agrarian Registry.
  • Review of basic agrarian commune (ejido) records.
  • Preparation of settlement recognition meeting minutes and adoptions of full domain.
  • Obtaining of land certificates and property titles.
  • Preparation of contracts regarding ejido property (assignment, usufruct, disposal, etc.).
  • Negotiation for the purchase of ejido land and private property.
  • Procedures before the three levels of government (municipal, state, and federal) related to the purchase of ejido lands.
  • Accompaniment and legal support for architects in construction projects.

Areas of Practice