Areas of Practice

The Labor Law Area offers our clients the necessary support for hiring, administration, and termination of labor relations with their personnel.

Our attorneys are prepared to provide ongoing counsel in preventive, corrective, or contingent phases, with the capacity to address individual, collective, or administrative matters before the labor authorities and social security institutions.

The principal mission of our Labor Law Area attorneys consists of anticipating any conflict that could arise with the labor authorities, social security institutions, unions, and even the workers themselves, collaborating proactively with our clients to review the documentation that supports existing labor relations and the level of compliance with the applicable obligations derived from the various legal ordinances regarding general working conditions, training and formation, and even safety and hygiene. These efforts include the preparation, registration, and application of internal labor rules and the management of the joint committees regulated by the Federal Labor Act.

We also have the capacity to represent our clients before the country’s Federal and Local Conciliation and Arbitration Boards to address and follow up on individual and collective labor proceedings, whether due to unjustified termination, labor contract rescission, death of a worker, payment of benefits, conciliation, separation, calls for strike, and proprietorship demands, among others, as well as to support the execution, negotiation, and review of collective bargaining agreements with unions that represent our client’s personnel.

The Labor Law Area carries out the following activities:

  • Consulting services in labor law and social security matters.
  • Individual and collective labor conflicts.
  • Prevention of labor conflicts and risks.
  • Litigation and special procedures before the labor courts.
  • Training regarding Mexican labor law.
  • Planning and implementation of labor strategies and structures.
  • Compliance with internal labor obligations and regulations.
  • Internal labor audits.
  • Courses on labor-related subjects.
  • Collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Drafting of collective bargaining agreements and individual labor contracts.

Areas of Practice