Areas of Practice

Tax Law

Periodic reforms and new tax burdens require taxpayers to stay updated in order to avoid non-compliance and the risk of being subject to sanctions.

Tax audit proceedings are becoming ever more frequent and complicated. The technological tools available to the authorities are quite sophisticated and, together with the cross-checking of data with financial institutions and other taxpayers, allow them to quickly and accurately determine a taxpayer’s fiscal status.

For this reason, our clients need timely and professional assistance in tax matters in order to have legal certainty and security with respect to their decisions regarding their companies and business operations.

The Tax Law Area carries out the following activities:

  • Comprehensive tax consulting.
  • Analysis of fiscal legislation in order to determine the constitutionality thereof.
  • Review, planning, and strategy regarding fiscal contractual operations.
  • Nullity claims before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.
  • Administrative appeals before fiscal and social security authorities.
  • Fiscal and administrative injunction proceedings.
  • Consulting in fiscal and social security matters.
  • Procedures before fiscal and administrative authorities.
  • Fiscal advising regarding loan operations, share capital increases, and contributions for future capital increases (integration of support documentation).

Areas of Practice