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Cross Border Investment test

Mexico attracts a large flow of direct foreign investment, much of it in the manufacturing sector. As a result, many companies come to Mexico in order to access the domestic market and/or benefit from the international commerce derived from multiple treaties and trade agreements and from Mexico’s privileged geographical location.

The Cross-Border Investment Area provides the necessary legal support to successfully establish companies in Mexico. We have extensive experience with business start-up procedures, and our dedicated and professional personnel have helped to install many international companies in Mexico in a satisfactory manner.

En Rivadeneyra, Treviño & De Campo, S.C. somos conscientes que los plazos de instalación son de vital importancia para las empresas, por lo que elaboramos un cronograma detallado de actividades en conjunto con un objetivo en común: la fecha de inicio de operaciones.

Our services are provided by a team of experienced professionals who help investors to establish operations in Mexico in a secure and efficient manner, addressing every phase of the investment and installation process, from site selection through plant start-up. We ensure that the company fulfills its objective on time and in good form.

Our services cover all pre-operations aspects such as site selection, management of governmental incentives for investing at the federal, state, and municipal levels, drafting and signing of agreements with the authorities,and all legal aspects required by the project, such as chartering the company’s Mexican affiliate, due diligence analysis of the site’s legal and environmental status; negotiation and drafting of construction and other related contracts, as well as individual labor contracts and collective bargaining agreements, obtaining of work permits for foreigners, coordination of logistics and documentation for importing machinery and equipment, and in general any legal requirement the company needs to ensure the proper start-up of its project in Mexico.

We oversee compliance with all statutes applicable to all areas of the client’s project to ensure the elimination of any legal risk during the installation process.

Areas of Practice